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Fidelity Electric prides itself on going above and beyond our competition.  This has helped to make us San Diego’s most trusted electrical company. Why take our word for it? Here is what some of our customer’s have said for us.


In life, shortcuts end up costing you more in the long run.

Doing the right thing often takes more effort, but at Fidelity Electric we feel that your job is worth it.


Fidelity Electric makes sure every job is done to exacting standards of excellence. We pride ourselves on getting the job done to National Electrical Code in the most efficient, safe and cost effective manner.

Fidelity Electric pledges to put your best interests first.  We strive to deliver the kind of quality and attention to detail that we would expect for ourselves.  In doing so, customers have saved money by avoiding many unnecessary repair bills. They have trusted us to tackle the tough jobs that others are unwilling to.


Your satisfaction is our priority

We are committed to making sure every client receives incredible customer service.   We take this pledge very seriously. If you are not satisfied please call us or email us and we will seek to get the best possible outcome for your situation.

  • Highest Customer Satisfaction for an Electrician in San Diego
  • Outstanding Workmanship & Guarantee on Work Performed
  • Available for Residential and Commercial electrical work
  • Knowledgeable on a wide range of Electrical Applications
  • Experts in Energy Efficiency Code and Title 24 requirements
  • We love troubleshooting your lighting or power issues
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